Keep important assets within view and under complete control by monitoring them at all times.

Alerting makes you aware of problems before they escalate into downtime or disasters.

With monitoring and alerting in place, you are more proactive and avoid wasted time and money.

How It Works

Select a sensor

Select a Sensor

Click here to see our wide variety of sensors for temperature, humidity, flooding, power availability, and dry-contacts.
Connect sensor to machine

Connect Sensor to Machine or Network

Our sensors can be connected to RS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi and 3G/4G cellular using a variety of IP device servers and cable accessories.
Install and configure software

Install and Configure Software

Download and install software on a machine inside your network. Point software to sensor's address. Configure logging and alert settings.
All set to monitor

All Set to Monitor

Now you can receive alerts via SMS or email to monitor your assets at all times. You can also graph sensor data in your web browser.

Some Sensorsoft Clients

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